Collectors Guild & Archives Limited Editions


Founded by New York lawyer and musicologist Benedict Stambler and his wife Helen (now Helen Stambler Latner.) The Stamblers collected 3,800 78 rpm discs, including the core of the Sephardic holdings at the NYPL and hundreds of 10 and 12 inch LPs. Late in life, he drew upon his collection to prepare a series of reissues on the Collectors Guild label. (See an example here.) Important materials that did not have enough commercial potential to warrant a Collectors Guild release (or whose source materials were damaged) were sometimes re-released on the Archives Limited Editions label (See an example here.)

Upon Mr. Stambler's death, nearly 1,400 recordings were donated to the New York Public Library in 1970 by his widow. Smaller portions of the collection went to the Library of Congress. "It was his hope that through his efforts the great archive of our Jewish devotional and folk music preserved for future generations, that this one aspect of the rich Jewish culture of Europe and America would remain known to the world." Many of the Haim Effendi 78 rpm records painstakingly acquired by Mr. Stambler and now in the New York Public Library collection will be re-released on a landmark 4-CD set by the Jewish Music Research Centre due out this winter. 

Source: The Benedict Stambler Archive of Recorded Jewish Music, New York Public Library. 

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